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You’re A Mean One!

You’re A Mean One!   You’re a mean one, Mr. Drumpf You surely are a heel, You’re as wholesome as a canker; you’re as candid as a chiseler, Mr. Drumpf, You’re a spoiling, putrid orange with a rotting, greasy peel! You’re a monster, Mr. Drumpf, Your heart’s an empty hole, Your brain is full of pestilence; you have […]

A Note to the Judgmental Body-Shamers

A Note to the Judgmental Body-Shamers

It’s the people who are openly judging others who have the problem, but they, sadly, cannot see it. A few days ago I spoke to a friend on Facebook who said that she was due to visit her father later in the week, but was already dreading the visit. She hadn’t seen him in a […]

Drumpf the Dog Whistler

Drumpf the Dog Whistler Despicable Donald Drumpf is many things to many people, and most of these things are harmful, hateful, and heinous. One particularly nasty and noxious aspect of Drumpf the Despicable is his persistent “dog whistling” as the Republican Presidential candidate. He not the first and he is not the sole practitioner active in and around […]

Duality or Polarity

Duality or Polarity   The choice we see is too often construed as “either – or”. It is sounder and wiser to consider it as “both -and”. Being or Non-being, Yin or Yang, Matter or Energy, Begin or End, Alive or Dead, are all poles on the complex circuit of reality. Matter and energy are […]

Dao Is Never Done

Dao Is Never Done Cosmos lays cloaked beneath apparent chaos; in all disorder abides a subtle order. All civilizations and all human beings, whatever their seeming cultural or conscious development, still harbor archaic remnants and tendencies beneath the stability and serenity. Just as the human body connects us with the mammals and displays numerous traits of shared evolutionary progress […]

Contented, Not Contending

Contented, Not Contending   The wise can handle acclaim and fame, attacks and blame better than others because they demand more of themselves. For them, the approval of others is not a cause for celebration. Nor is the censure of others a source of  trepidation. The wise take cheers with equanimity and  handle jeers with composure. Sages […]

Film View: Shoulders: Hillary Rodham Clinton’s Story

Film View: Shoulders: Hillary Rodham Clinton’s Story

Meryl Streep is the narrator of this emotionally powerful short film. To prepare, here are some of Meryl Streep’s remarks at the DNC Convention 2016: ‘Nearly 100 years after women got the vote, you people have made history, and you’re gonna make history again in November. Because Hillary Clinton will be our first woman president.’ […]

Why is this Happening?

Why is this Happening? “The wind of change is blowing, and we see in our day and our age a significant development. Victor Hugo said on one occasion that there is nothing more powerful in all the world than an idea whose time has come. In a real sense, the idea whose time has come today is […]

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