Hey, Let’s Listen To This Perfect Summer Track Called Caribbeana Mama by Rory K

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Our New York rapper Rory K dropped an interesting track over the weekend. This is a perfect vibe to my own weekend escapade(if you count riding my bike home after a couple of beers at 2 am). So yeah, the title is Caribbeana Mama which is perhaps something Rory K wrote after several margaritas eh? I haven’t asked him but this is gotta be the best party tune I’ve heard in ages! It has all the hooks of a good pop song that works into your mood after a few bars. The optimistic melody is so ideal in a time where everyone wants to project a sense of irony over anything! Come on let’s just chill.

The blurb goes like this:

“Caribbeana Mama” the latest release from Rory K, is a lighter romantic tune than his usual hard hitting club tracks. A very danceable record right in time for the summer and best suited in a tropical setting.”

And yes friends, this is a perfect stress reliever as the nation goes into a bizarre political turmoil. Let’s party and forget the worries for a while.

More about Rory K:

His father Larry Kirwan is a lead man of the Celtic rock band Black 47. He was raised in a musical environment at an early age and he can play several instruments. He chose Hip-hop as his musical mode of expression but he can switch to any genre, especially when he joins his father on stage. And would it be ok to say that he is indeed very talented?


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Hey, Let's Listen To This Perfect Summer Track Called Caribbeana Mama by Rory K, 10.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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