Garrett Hacking In Focus: People often tell me I “photograph emotion”


Garrett Hacking

Garrett Hacking

It might surprise you, readers of this article if I tell you that Celtic rock was responsible in my discovery of photographer Garrett Hacking.  Yes he is part Irish and he was surrounded by the culture while growing up. His works are emotional and dynamic. Action is the word that comes to mind when his name comes up. He has worked with creative minds from various persuasions, be it corporate, musical or anything that gravitates towards beauty.

Check this interview out and connect to the creativity that surrounds you. I am sure his answers will inspire you.


What do you love about photography?


That no two moments are ever the same. And I get to catch a moment in time and freeze it forever in photographic art.


Your photos are filled with energy and emotions. It seems to me that movement is all over your photos. Is it coincidence or are you really into the ‘capturing the moment’ type of photographer?


With John Butler at Red Rocks Amphitheatre.

People often tell me I “photograph emotion” which is a great compliment because it is such an intangible. My music photography background has been instrumental in developing the ability to anticipate and capture moments instinctually. Comes in handy for all genres of work I am involved in.


You worked with famous names and one of them is Bruce Springsteen. How’s the experience being in demand in the music circle?


It ebbs and flows to be honest. There are a lot of people who will shoot bands for free in exchange for a pass etc.. I find when it comes to being sure the band gets the shots they really want and there is some ass on the line, then I’ll get the call and a check :O)


What’s it like being an Irish-American growing in Colorado and what shaped your career as an artist?


I am part Irish. My favorite part :O) I love the scene here starting with the Indulgers at the top. A fantastic Irish band with terrific original material. I am pleased to have been able to contribute to their new album art with my eye and camera. My career has been entirely shaped by God first and foremost. I owe everything to Him, from the proverbial God-given talents, to supportive loving parents who encouraged me to follow my dreams, to meeting the right people at the right time and on and on.

Speaking of The Indulgers, you really did an amazing work there! I love the album art. Will there be more music related projects soon?


Hmm..nothing I can think of offhand. But tomorrow never knows…



What are you working on right now?


Right now I have been doing a lot of corporate/business related work which has been really fun and refreshing. You really have to know your stuff in that realm so I appreciate that my talents and professionalism are sought and appreciated so in that world. Suzie Soccer Mom with a new fancy camera doesn’t make the cut in that world. Also, may be a long-awaited Rock and Roll exhibit later this year – a collaboration with another shooter with whom we have had a long time mutual admiration for each others’ work…stay tuned!



Speaking of corporate work, I noticed some nice shots you did with the Morgan Stanley Team. You can really feel the power and concentration of these guys working. Care to tell me more about this?


I was surprised by the energy of that office scene. I think the key was inviting Sean to actually go around and do real work with each member of the team and lo and behold, boom! Action! And he got a lot off his plate and was grateful for the suggestion :O)


Where can people reach you or look at your important works?

People often ask with all the different kinds of work I do, “what is the best part of your job?” Many think it is meeting famous people. Well here is the answer: the picture is well…worth a thousand words!


My website is the best. I call it my online portfolio. It has pages for all the genres I imbibe in. All contact info is there too.


Your advice to the young at heart, when it comes to taking great photos.


Go with your gut and break the rules. Be bold, be different and be diversified.


What’s your message to the readers?


Don’t let technology “dumb down” photography as an art form. Don’t be lazy just because “film”is cheap these days heehee. I worry that people are content with crap…bad photos, looking at them on phone screens and never making prints. I know many sad stories about people losing their memories when their phone crashes or is lost. BUY A CAMERA! Download, back up and make prints. Nothing beats a true tactile image on archive photographic paper! As Ansel Adams said in the days of film: ” The negative (or what we create, be it on a flash card or film ((my addition)) is the equivalent of the composer’s score, and the print the performance.”

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  • Great article, I am amazed by Garrett’s knack for capturing action and emotion in his photographs. Each frame pulls you into the moment making you want to see more and more of his work!

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  • What a great interview Baxter. I really like this guy. I like the way he thinks. I love photography. In fact I almost never leave the house without my camera. I was sold as soon as I saw the Canon. 🙂 I have had several and I love them. It is a true gift to capture moments and so important. 🙂

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  • Thanks Dani. Like music photographs preserve the moment. I love the way pictures take us back. So glad to hear that you have passion for photography as well. My satisfaction is on how people connect to things and find common passion.

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