David Waugh Photography:The Perfect Shot

On Ridge in the snow with Apollo ( picture taken by a friend)

After years of persistence, David Waugh unveils his stunning photographs.

“I have lived in Bellingham all my life and never plan to move. As much as I enjoy traveling to other places, I don’t think I could ever call anywhere else home. I’m a mountain biker, backpacker, and photographer. I spend a lot of time on the trails on Galbraith doing work as a WHIMPs crew leader, and am also in charge of the dirt jump park. I work seasonally for the National Park Service on trail crew at Mt. Rainier. I don’t watch TV and instead read articles online about various things. I always enjoy trying new things and meeting new people.”-David Waugh

David Waugh started out in the art of Photography early in his teens. He has this natural passion for biking, and spends a lot of his time on the trail taking pictures and reading. As of this writing, his photographs are placed on exhibit at Artisans Northwest as part of the  Bellingham Art Walk. I have seen his early works way back 2006 and I can tell that he’s meant for bigger things. This erudite young man also loves good  music. He is fond of Rush and had probably seen most of their concerts. He also appreciates the Celtic sound of Loreena McKennitt.

Another interesting aspect about him  is his love for writing. In one of our conversations he stated: “Actually, writing has always been a strong point of mine, even before photography. In school I always loved getting top grades on essays and papers that I wrote once and almost never had anything to edit. I go for perfection the first time as much as possible, even if it takes longer.” This love for perfection is what makes his pictures blaze with natural charm. He spends countless hours editing and arranging his projects.

Photo:Mt. Olympus and High Divide trail by David Waugh

His works are divided into the following :

Places-Where he takes random shots of flora and fauna. David’s photos are expansive and they give you a feeling of space amidst the depth of colors.These are Glacier National Park, Mt. Baker Wilderness, Olympic National Park and North Cascades National Park among others.

Art photos: Examples are Still Life with Floating Light and Baseball.

Biking: Most of them are available in his personal page. He takes breath taking  shots of riders flying in mid air.

You can view all his photographs through the page David Waugh Photography:http://www.facebook.com/dwaughphoto

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